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Legislative and Regulatory Issues

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If you are interested in specific bills and regulatory documents please check out the links below:

Water Quality Regulation

There are several critical water quality regulations that the SGVWA has taken positions on and/or continues to monitor for their potential effects on the SGVWA and its consumers. These include hexavalent chromium (also known as ‘Chrome 6’, ‘CR6+) maximum contaminant levels, PFAS regulations and additional new water quality standards.



The SGVWA remains active on affordability issues that would affect the Valley including stormwater permitting, low-income rate assistance programs, water shutoff mandates and funding for PFAS remediation.


Drought Resilience

The SGVWA is always in active communication with state leaders to protect its consumers and advocate for improved drought awareness and resulting needs.



The SGVWA is actively working to find a route that achieves conservation efforts in California and the Valley while ensuring that the impacts of conservation mandates on water systems are understood by all.



As additional items arise that may relate to the SGVWA’s policy principles and responsibility to ensure access to safe, readily available water for all consumers, the Association takes action to make its voice heard.

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Policy Principles



To pursue, track and advocate the SGVWA's position on matters where the conduct of publicly established water agencies is affected.


Local Water Supply & Quality

To pursue, track and advocate the SGVWA's position on matters affecting water supply and local supplier quality in the Valley.

State and Regional Regulations


To monitor, track and advocate the SGVWA's position on matters where state and regional regulations are adopted, revised, updated or discarded.​

State and Regional Supply Issues


To monitor, track and advocate the SGVWA's position on matters affecting regional and state water supply issues.

Live List of Bills

The San Gabriel Valley Water Association tracks a wider range of bills that it may or may not have taken a position on through submitted comment letters. Click the link below to view bills that the Association is monitoring for their potential effect on the region and its member agencies. 


The San Gabriel Valley Water Association regularly discusses and establishes its legislative and regulatory priorities at its annual meeting and adapts them to reflect the current state of legislation and regulations. In response to the ever-changing legislative and regulatory climate, SGVWA takes positions on specific proposed legislation and regulations through its Legislative Committee. 


The SGVWA Legislative Committee is comprised of 19 members and one chair. The members include representatives from cities, public agencies, special districts, public utilities and mutual water companies who wish to contribute. The Committee meets monthly on every fourth Monday of the month to discuss changes to the regulatory and legislative landscape and how their established values can be applied to current issues by crafting legislative positions for consideration by the Board of Directors.

Areas of Focus


The SGVWA has had an active role in the management and protection of the San Gabriel Valley's water resources since 1955. It provides water to more than two million individuals. As such the Association prioritizes taking action on legislative and regulatory changes with areas of focus determined by the Board of Directors and Legislative Committee to influence solutions that will benefit its member agencies and individuals and businesses served.

Legislation at a Glance

Below you will find a link to all comment letters that the SGVWA has taken in response to proposed legislation from 2020-2024.

Click here to access our legislative archive.

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