Why Should I Care? - Engaging Water Customers in a Digital World

We spend half of our waking lives staring at screens. Checking e-mails. Following Facebook friends. Scrolling through Twitter feeds. While TV remains the most dominant form of digital delivery, computers have replaced radio as the second most common media activity, according to a study by the Council for Research Excellence. Water managers, take note. “It’s in water districts’ best interest to establish and maintain a relationship with their customer base by communicating clearly, and often, and developing a communications strategy to do that,” said Paula Luu, a Senior Manager at Net Impact, an environmental non-profit. Luu is the former Communications Manager for the Pacific Institute, a global water think tank. Customers regard their water district as a reputable resource for information on water supply, water quality and drought issues. “So for water districts, especially those in drought-ridden Southern California, social media allows them to meet customers where they actively go to receive information and news. (Social media) can be used to communicate conservation messages and foster collaboration with their customers to meet mutually beneficial goals.” So how do water suppliers engage their customers through social media? Digital experts offered their tips and techniques...

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