SGVWA Conservation Widget Revealed, Press Release

This week the San Gabriel Valley Water Association releases its website widget that will help members and the general public track conservation progress in the San Gabriel Valley. Text from the December 12th, press release is below:



December 12, 2014, Azusa, California – The San Gabriel Valley Water Association (SGVWA) is launching a website “widget” that updates weekly readings of the Valley’s groundwater level, and will be available for use by the area’s water agencies, elected officials, and others who wish to join the effort and help encourage water conservation. The widget is the second part of an effort that is focused on continued groundwater level monitoring into 2015. “We hope that San Gabriel Valley water departments and companies will take advantage of this widget as a way of informing their customers and website visitors of the drought’s impact on groundwater levels,” said SGVWA Executive Secretary, Tony Zampiello.

SGVWA began its public water conservation effort in early October with the launch of a weekly reading of the groundwater level and the issuance of a “PASS”, “ALERT” or “CAUTION” in San Gabriel Valley print and electronic publications.

“Having tracked conservation in the San Gabriel Valley for 10 weeks now, we feel that the widget will serve as a bridge to next year as we determine the drought’s continued severity,” said SGVWA Executive Secretary, Tony Zampiello.

In January, Governor Jerry Brown declared a statewide drought emergency. In early December, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) released water consumption figures indicating that more conservation is needed.

“Our outlook for 2015 points to a continuing drought which will lead to water shortages,” said SGVWA Executive Secretary, Tony Zampiello. “This isn’t the state’s first drought but it is the worst in its history. And the purpose of the online tool is not only to track progress but also to serve as a frequent reminder of how dire our circumstances are and how important it is that we conserve as a community,” he said.

To obtain the widget and help with its installation, water agencies and elected officials can visit, or contact Erik Deurmeier at (626) 815-1305."

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